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ABOUT: Memoirs of a Mama Bear


A blog for: moms to be, new moms, dads, families, DIYers, frugal travelers, and pet lovers!

Mama Bear is a brand new first time mom navigating the exciting and terrifying world of motherhood. This journey is in partnership with Papa Bear, a little help from Boogie Bear (The family Pit mix), and a clowder of cats.

Aside from being a very tired new mom, Mama Bear is also a full time Licensed Therapist, amateur photographer, and aspiring yogi.

Mama Bear loves to travel to new places local and foreign. She will take on any crafting challenge, wants to make cleaning as easy as possible, and adores eating. This blog will use her lived experience as a new mom, love of all things helpful, and some therapeutic insight to support readers in conquering: parenthood, frugal traveling, and DIY projects, with some helpful recipes along the way.

Check out the first post to learn more about Mama Bear, and the journey she took into starting this blog.

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