Mother's Day: What Mom's Really Want

Mother’s day: What Moms REALLY want

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My First Mother’s Day!

YUP! This is my first Mother’s day (with an outside baby), which is super weird to me; like say what? I’m a Mom? I get a day to celebrate me, and not just my entrance into this world? Heck yes! Up until this point in my life, Mother’s day was where I celebrated someone else; my Mom, and Grandmothers, so I never really thought about what I would want.

As an adult I always chose to spend time with the Moms in my life. Typically, by going out to eat, or doing something together whenever possible. I tried to remember Mother’s day past, and I am haunted by really crappy Mother’s Day gifts I gave to them throughout my life (Sorry guys!), that they graciously accepted and thanked me for. Then I thought, well this is my first Mother’s Day, and obviously Baby Bear won’t be getting me anything just yet (although she’s super helpful in my Amazon shopping by pressing lots of buttons); so that duty will inevitably fall on Papa Bear, and all the other new Dads out there! Papa Bear has always been really good at making me feel special; however, I know that not all guys excel in this department and rely on scouring the Internet for advice and tips; MAMA BEAR TO THE RESCUE!

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy the Mom in your life kitchen supplies, a new vacuum or baby supplies (unless they specifically ask for these things). I learned this one first hand from my father when I was a kid….it did not end well, and there were definitely tears. I warn you, if you do not heed my advice, you may get dream punched. (Definition: punched “inadvertently” by your significant other while they are “sleeping”). Upon chatting with some moms it seems as though their wish list is pretty simple and pretty universal; and I’m here to share the secret with you, scour no more gentlemen, the buck stops here!

The Secret to the Best Mother’s Day Gift


  1. Alone Time

Almost every Mother I heard from, asked for a little “Mommy” time. (A few requested that be in the form of a well-deserved, uninterrupted NAP). Someone even mentioned some frustration for the hypocrisy in Mothers Day vs Father’s day, where Dads get a day out on the golf course, and Moms are expected to spend the entire day with family. While, we as Mother’s, LOVE spending time with our family, and family time is a huge part of our very gracious lives, we too enjoy some alone time now and again. Maybe this year for Mother’s day, treat the hardworking Mom in your life to some kid/hubby free time for a few hours. You could plan some time away for them, or you could just plan a day for you and the kids away from home so Mom can decide what to do with her new-found freedom. Then, when you reconvene as a family, perhaps the following suggestions could come of some use!

  1. Help

I know I am not alone in this one. Help around the house is AMAZING. Not to say that Papa Bear (or other Dads out there) don’t help around the house; however, in most families, some responsibilities tend to land on one person more than the other. For Mother’s day, perhaps Dad and the Kids could help Mom out with the responsibilities that tend to fall on her more often than not. Gender Stereotypes aside, if Mom does the Laundry each week, maybe you could do that for her for the next month! If she mows the lawn, put on your work jeans and most throw-away-able shoes and get to mowing! One idealistic mother asked for “a year of monthly cleanings,” this woman is a genius and you should listen to her. Multiple, even more idealist Moms specifically asked for a maid, even if just for a day to clean their house from top to bottom. For those new moms out there, perhaps the Dads could take care of all the baby duties for a day? A day without diapers….or baths…..or bottles…..or rocking to sleep for hours on end? Wait, I think I just slipped into a magical daydream state.

  1. Food

Food. Glorious Food, oh, and alcohol is food right? However this looks like for you and your family, having meals together as a family is always a wonderful way to share a holiday and celebrate together. Take your family out for a lovely brunch (with mimosas of course), grill a gigantic outdoor BBQ on a beautiful sunny day (BBQ Mimosas?), order 6 different types of pizzas, or even go old school and surprise her with Breakfast in bed (with mimosas!). Did I mention mimosas?


  1. Something Pretty and Meaningful. Or Just Straight Up Pampering.

Typically, gifts are thought of as tangible or material, which is not a bad thing. I know this Mama Bear loves opening a well thought out gift! This is my first Mother’s Day, like I said, so I asked Papa Bear for a family photo shoot (and subsequent Canvas), which also includes our first professional photograph of Baby Bear! Other thoughtful gifts that I’ve seen mothers love and ask for are pieces of jewelry with their Baby Bear’s name, birthstone, initials, or birthday. Here’s one that I personally thought was quite beautiful. A few years ago Papa Bear and Uncle Bear got my Mother in Law a day at the Spa, and I know various friends/new moms who are asking for the same thing! If you’re on a budget, check out Groupon, they always have great local deals on spas and massage parlors! Manicures, facials, pedicures, and massages are like gold in woman world, and can be used as gift options for any and all holidays. Flag day? Massage. Birthday? Facial. St. Patty’s day? Mani-Pedi (with mimosas)….get my drift?


  1. Words, or Art of Appreciation

Everyone, not just Moms or women, love words of appreciation. Thank them for their hard work and dedication to your family. I’m sure you consistently “thank” them for things they do around the house, but taking some time to really address them in a heartfelt way to let them hear what they mean to you! This is a hard-hitting gift. If you’re not super comfortable with talking or saying these things out loud, a card or a letter is just as wonderful. If you’re not great a putting your own feelings into words, find a great lyric or poem that makes you think of the Mom in your life! Or, you can get creative and give them a note in locket, which I thought was really unique! As for the little ones, help them make Mom a craft! Moms love getting little gifts from their little one. Help them write a poem, make a card, draw a picture, or paint a blob of glue…anything from that little Baby Bear to show Mom they (and you) were thinking of them is so meaningful and will make any Mom smile!


  1. Experiences

These are my favorite types of gifts. I LOVE doing something, or going somewhere new. I think it stems from my unhealthy addiction to travel and my tendency for wanderlust, new experiences it keeps it at bay. Take your family out for a day of fun where Mom doesn’t have to plan or organize it! A day at the park where you packed lunch and games, go to the zoo for the new tiger exhibit where you get the car loaded up! Road trip to the closest Amusement Park or botanical garden! Beach Trip with Boardwalk fries, ski-ball and beach mimosas…. Plan something fun where your family can enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the Mom in your life


Mother’s day is a really special day, one that I never truly appreciated as much as I do now that I am a mother myself. I know that I’m a Mother every day, and I work as hard as I do because it’s not only my responsibility, but because I love being a Mom; but it’s really nice to have one day where your noticed and appreciated maybe just a little more than usual!

For all you Moms out there, what was your favorite mother’s day gift of all time?

Or for you new moms, what are you just DYING to have this year?

Feel free to share this post with all the significant others out there! **Wink Wink**


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