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The Journey into Mom Blogging

How a Mama Bear Becomes a Mom Blogger…

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Welcome! Thank you for reading the very first post of Memoirs of a Mama Bear (my journey into Mom Blogging), please take a moment and subscribe to receive notifications about upcoming posts! Well, now that we’re all here, let me first thank my friends and family who are inevitably reading this post out of obligation. (HI GUYS! Thanks for the support!) But, for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am Mama Bear, a title that has recently taken on new meaning for me. My husband (Papa Bear), has been calling me Mama Bear for as long as I can remember; however, recently we created a little baby bear of our own. Now, it’s no longer a quirky little nickname my husband calls me that needs to be explained to those weirdos who don’t consider having fur children as valid parenthood…Monsters.

I decided to start this blog due to my own late night web scouring during my pregnancy and first few weeks of being a sleepless new mom. As many women have complained before, pregnancy kind of sucks. Its not “beautiful and magical” or whatever other line people have fed you. I mean its totally cool that you’re growing a tiny human all by your onesie but, you don’t sleep, you pee like a gagillion times, and the hormones, GAH the blind prenatal rage put my normal every day rage to shame! I found myself being “that” girl, the midnight googler, searching for an explanation of why my left pinky toe turned purple or my wrist smelled like pickles (gross over exaggeration, if this happens during your pregnancy you may want to consult your physician). While many times Web Md made it feel like me and my unborn child had some ancient form of leprosy, the interweb mom bloggers normalized my experiences, and I could find at least one post or comment of someone else who experienced something similar, easing my worried mind.

Now prior to my own child, I have held maybe four infants and observed a total of one diaper change. Despite these late night searches becoming more frequent and increasingly related to bodily fluids, the mom blogging world consistently felt more supportive, informed, and normalizing. I am so grateful for this that I decided I wanted to join the mom blogging community! The secondary reason for blogging is solely a selfish one. I for one LOVE a platform to discuss my knowledge, and dare I say witty wisdom? As a full time mental health counselor I am perpetually pushing “journaling” and its countless benefits to clients, yet I have never been able to keep one for longer than a week myself. I truly believe people only exhibit behaviors to gain some sort of positive reaction or gain. Blogging I guess is my form of journaling with a positive gain: YOU, my readers and your fantastic comments!

When designing my blog, I spent a lot of time vetting the name. Papa Bear and I talked for hours about who my audience would be, what I wanted to discuss, and the message I wanted to convey. I wanted to be able to appeal to families, not just Moms. I wanted to be able to talk about my experiences as a new mom, as a wife, as a friend, and most importantly as a family. I wanted a name that identified me, but shows that I still have stories to tell and life to experience. And come on, Memoirs of a Mama Bear, who doesn’t love alliteration?

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering, “What will we be reading about?” I plan to discuss some hard hitting topics, like patient rights as a woman in labor, whimsical topics, like how to plan a frugal European vacation, nerdy parenting posts about sci-fi and board games, and some bluntly honest posts like what not to buy you pregnant friend, or why I hate children’s books.

Please subscribe to receive updates and notifications about these upcoming posts. Hopefully, the time spent in my last month of my maternity leave which between nap time and Gilmore Girls binge sessions, was spent developing this site, and scouring through Pinterest info-graphics trying to learn an entirely new language: web design, has paid off. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment, and don’t forget to put your email address in the little shiny box that says subscribe!

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      Thank you so much! I’d be happy to join your google+ group! I love getting to know other bloggers! Send me the info whenever you have a free moment!

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