11 Things my _ferocious_Pitbull(mix) is afraid of

11 Things My “Ferocious” Pit Bull (Mix) is Afraid of

The Pit Bull Breed is Misunderstood.

I could take this time to go on a rant about this misconception and how much it frustrates me. Instead, I will talk about our family Pit (mix) Asher, more affectionately known as Boogie Bear. We adopted Boogie from a local rescue, Wags Rescue and Referral, after the unfortunate and unexpected loss of our previous beloved Pit (mix), Zuko. We went to one of Wags’ adoption events “just to check out their adoption policy,” then we saw Boogie, and my husband fell in love. He said, “that’s our dog.”

Boogie Bear was just over a year old, came to the rescue as a surrender from North Carolina with another dog. Boogie was severely under weight, bearing some not so loving cuts/burns, and named “Black.” When we asked his foster family if he was good with cats, he responded, “I don’t know, lets check,” and brought him to a cage of cats, for which he had no interest. “Is he house broken?” “Yea. Well. He did pee ON my dog once, but I think that’s just because he wanted to.” Ah, a dog after my own heart. He must be ours! We have had Boogie since the fall of 2013, an d we could not have asked for a more loving, patient, sweet and (as you can see) handsome man. That being said, he’s a big wuss. Papa Bear and I often giggle over the things that our perceived DANGEROUS Pit Bull is terrified of, and I wanted to share with my subscribers.

  1. Fireworks

Makes sense right? Loud, sudden, seemingly random booms. I know he’s not alone in this one. But, has your dog ever been so suddenly scared from a firework that they’ve pooped themselves? No? Hmm…

  1. Cars

Again, not super uncommon, but when we first got home Boogie couldn’t even go for a walk because whenever a car drove past, he would lay down. Yes, lay down on the side of the road.

  1. Crying Babies

I’d say he is more annoyed than afraid. Baby Bear would scream for a 3am feeding. Boogie would wake from his peaceful slumber, sigh and roll his eyes, all accompanied by a yawn. Seeming to think, “Seriously?” It sort of looked like this… Annoyed Boogie

  1. Rain 

Does your dog have a raincoat? Ours does, and no its not a fashion statement. Ever consider holding an umbrella over your dog just so he can poop? Welcome to our lives.

  1. Birds

We have Cardinals who enjoy attacking their reflections in our living room bay window. Every time it happens, Boogie runs into the kitchen to watch from afar, sometimes quivering. Stupid birds.

  1. Still Footballs

“What in the actual hell, is that?”

“It’s a football Boogie Bear”

“No. That is pure, unadulterated evil, and I must kill it.”

  1. Pants

Pants are a reason to run and hide right? Every morning when Papa Bear gets dressed, as soon as the pants come out, Boogie Bear can be found on the other side of the room quivering. Pants, the nemesis of Pit Bulls everywhere since 2013.

  1. Walking Backwards

Shark. He’s a pit bull shark.

  1. Kittens

This past summer, a stray cat had kittens in our yard. We have adopted them as our outdoor cats, so has Boogie. The kittens play fetch with him and rub up on him. But when they stand on the stairs to the deck? No flippin’ way is he going up those steps, are you kidding?

Boogie and Ronan hanging in the sunshine

Boogie and Ronin hanging in the sunshine

  1. Bags

They make sounds. The end.

  1. Slightly Open Doors

It is quite common for Boogie to come charging into a room using his giant head to swing open doors. It is equally as common for him to be found hours later in the same room with the door ajar staring at it intensely because he is too afraid to walk through it.


So, as you can see…..Ferocious, right? This pup has been abused, neglected, and abandoned by his original owners, but still remains a tender, sweet, loving boy. I don’t know how we were ever a family before him, but we are grateful everyday for his smelly butt. Please, de-stigmatize the Pit Bull.

World Peace, one smile at a time.

Look at that FACE!

Look at that FACE!

If you live local to Pennsylvania, please consider checking out the adoptable pets at Wags Rescue and Referral.

4 thoughts on “11 Things My “Ferocious” Pit Bull (Mix) is Afraid of

  1. tryallmama says:

    I have a Staffordshire terrier. He is terrified of dish towels, and only dish towels. I don’t know if it is the menacing pots and pans image or the horrendous stripes but he is horrified of dish towels. But he loves the vacuum cleaner. If you’re vacuuming he has to be in the room so he can watch ? he sure is a character.

  2. says:

    I got my belly laugh going! You have inspired a post for me, my Westie is a lot like your Boogie. I think you have an incredible “voice” and once people find you, you will take off! I’m a fellow DYOB’er.

    1. MamaBear says:

      Oh, I’m so glad to inspire! Please send me a link to your post, I Look forward to reading it! Thank you, I find that I write how i speak, or more accurately, how I think, and it makes it feel so much more natural! Thank you for your kind words!

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