Top 5 two playerboard games

Top 5 Two Player Board Games

In Anticipation of Table Top Day on April 30th, I bring You TWO PLAYER BOARD GAMES!

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Papa Bear and I (and most of our friends for that matter) are big table top gamers, and spend a little too much time on We got into table top games when our friend introduced us to Table Top with Wil Wheaton (yup that kid from Star Trek, who plays himself on The Big Bang Theory), and the nerdiness just consumed us from there. (Table Top is an online show where Wil Wheaton and his friends get together, play games, and explain their nuances.) We like the show because we can decide if we actually like a game before we purchase it! We are big on quality time in our family, and enjoy staying home and playing games on weekends, many times just the two of us. Sometimes it can be difficult to find good two player board games, so I figured I’d share some of our favorites with you!


This is a European style tile laying game modeled after a French City is super simple and different every time you play. The objective is to collect the most points; you gather points by connecting roads, building cities/monasteries, and establishing a farm. You play a knight, a robber, a monk, or a super lazy farmer. Carcassonne is great for two players or up to 5 players of all ages, and really easy to learn and you could play for hours if you wanted to! They have great EXPANSIONS TOO!!

Dead of Winter:

OK, so this is our most recent obsession, it’s very long game and has countless versions of game play. This can be a two player game, or up to five players. This game is a zombie/strategy/collaborative/survival game, and redunkuously addictive. Prepare to dream about this game, and fiend for your next fix. Beware! There are like a gazillion little pieces, and I assure you will want to stab someone with the cardboard knife if they screw up your set up/clean up. The objective on this game changes each play, and can have varying difficulty levels. You must collect items, food, and weapons while you keep your team alive, and kill lots of zombies. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll recognize some of the characters from pop culture.

Smash Up

We initially played this game after a friend brought it over for a visit, and is also the game that introduced us to Table Top with Wil Wheaton, because we watched the video on how to play before we did. This is a deck building/card playing game for 2-4 players. You get to choose two factions ( IE. Vampires, pirates, robots, aliens, etc) and try to collect points by “blowing” up or winning a base. Each faction has its strengths and it’s weaknesses and its your job to learn how to use those talents to defeat your opponent. Each faction is made of actions and minions, use a combination of the two to destroy and thoroughly piss off your friends as you destroy their opportunity to win! This is my husband’s favorite game because its similar to Magic the Gathering (but not as intense), whereas I love making fun faction combos, like: Alien Kitty Cats. Fair warning though, there is a good deal of reading in this game and can be super strategic if you want it to be. I like it because it is constantly coming up with cool factions. The most recent was the Pretty Pretty Smash Up Expansion, which is my favorites because it has mystical horses and Kitty Cats!


Two words: FAT PANDA! This game is ADORABLE. We also found this game on Table Top with Wil Wheaton and I fell in love because, you get to feed a fat Panda colorful bamboo. Need I say more? The game board is constructed by you in a strategic manner to complete certain objectives. You can feed your Panda, grow bamboo, or farm certain landscapes. This is another game with A LOT of little pieces and little intricacies, but super simple to set up and clean up. The game comes with a mini comic book  giving you a background story on the different components of the game. I think the artwork is beautiful, and the nuances of game play is really well thought out! This is also a 2-4 player game.

Machi Koro

We found this game at our local board game shop, and was highly recommended by some table toppers hanging out there that day. We took a gamble and brought this one home, and I’m super glad we did. This is a 2-4 player game, very simple, and quick play time. This is a card and dice based game, where you are able to earn money and use that money to build your city. The first person to purchase and achieve all four objectives win. The art work in this game is simplistic, but beautiful. The allure of this game is how simply addictive it is. The first time we played this game, I’m pretty sure we played like 5 times rapid fire. I just found out that they have an expansion too, I can’t wait to get this!

Table Top day is coming up soon (April 30th), click on the links and get your games so you have them in time to celebrate! Board games are a great alternative to watching TV/Movies and is a great activity to do with friends, family, or even just you and your significant other. I love to learn about new games, so please share with me your favorite games in the comments!

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